Peak Fit System workout introduction & review

Hello!  I recently got my hands on the Peak Fit System and wanted to give an introduction post to kick off my weekly updates of progress using this fitness program.

For starters I weighed 128.5 and wear a size 4 jean from Gap / Old Navy.  I’m 5’0″

My goal is to be closer to 120 in 8 weeks.  Will I get there?  How far can I go?

I’ll be using my BodyMedia link armband to help keep my calories tracked and make sure I am balancing things correctly.  I’d like to also try and restart my Weight Watchers Points Plus program.  Not sure if I’ll be able to juggle all three but I’ll give it a shot this week.

The Peak Fit System was designed by Michelle Dozois and is a 10 DVD fitness system that also comes with resistance bands and a meal plan as well as a calendar when to do what workouts for optimum results.  Each video has a series of “peaks” or intervals strategically placed so you burn the most at the best times.  You can literally see the cycles of the peaks in the lower left hand corner of the video.

peakfitOn the first day I did Pure Cardio, shown above.  It was approximately 50 minutes long including a warm up and cool down.  Overall it was fairly intense for someone who does not workout (more than walking) on a daily basis, so I appreciate that as Michelle instructs the video that she points out people in her video that do modified versions of the exercise until you reach other levels of intensity. I was exhausted after the workout… and sore.  But I felt good, like I actually accomplished something.

To me it felt like a combination of a traditional cardio class, some Tae Bo and sports training.  But I liked that it changed it up, you worked out your left and right side evenly, and it didn’t deter me from ever wanting to do it again.  Even though I was tired and sore, I kept pushing through on day two and completed the Strength DVD.

(Now I’m REALLY sore.)

The biggest reason to keep pushing forward is that with the use of my BodyMedia link armband I was able to literally see what it did to my body…


By keeping my calorie intake in check by tracking it with the app on my iPhone, and seeing how I surpassed my daily goals of steps and activity I could literally see that with almost a 500 calorie deficit (no I didn’t starve myself, as you can see I ate food) and at that pace, I am on track to lose a pound a week – which will put me at my end goal.

Stay tuned because I will do an update post every Monday until my 8 week challenge is complete!

If you’re interested in learning more about Peak Fit System click here

If you’re interested in learning more about BodyMedia Link click here

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