Peak Fit System week 2 results

Peak Fit System week 2 results update

peak fit system

Week two was pretty tough for me.  I found myself getting so sore after the workouts that needed the resistance bands and weights it was hard to even lift a pencil the next day.  I did push through and keep going but my metabolism is going nuts.  I haven’t gotten all the components to do the actual system documented diet so I’ve been keeping up my Weight Watchers Points Plus.  I’d find myself feeling starving at random points throughout the day and did my best to eat healthy.  I did cave a few times and a bowl of ice cream.  However I managed to still lose a half pound pushing my weight down to 128.

I just came back from trying on clothes at Kohls and Target.  It’s making me a little nervous to know that if I keep losing weight I have no idea what I’ll be able to wear.  Everything was XS or size 2.  It was a really weird feeling.  I should be happy but I’m still seeing my old self in the mirror regardless of size.  Just goes to show you a huge part of weight loss is all in your mind!!!!  Keep up the great work everyone on your own lifestyle journeys.  I’ll see you here next week.

Stay tuned because I will do an update post every Monday until my 8 week challenge is complete!

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10 thoughts on “Peak Fit System week 2 results

  1. Lydia says:

    This is really awesome (and everyone needs some ice cream once in a while!). I think it’s great that you’re struggling to figure out what to wear. The goal is to shape up, right? 🙂


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