Tatjacket Eclipse cover up photos and review

tatjacket eclipse

As a heavily tattooed health care administrative employee, I need to keep my options open when covering up.  In this particular environment it can be challenging, especially with my finger tattoos – since I wash my hands well over 20 times a day.  Finding a product that can cover, not be more obvious than the tattoo itself, and last all day is difficult for these tattoos.  But this product so far is working perfectly.

finger1First I tried the fairest of them all, because let’s face it I’m pretty dang pale.  It is a touch too pale for me but thankfully there are several shades to choose from (plus you can layer to get the color that works best on your skin)


This is almost an exact match for my skin tone.  If you look hard you know something is underneath but this one layer serves its purpose – in having no one questioning me or having any idea that I even have tattoos in the first place.

They are simple to apply.  You cut the size and shape you need, remove the clear film, apply it with the paper facing you and apply moisture to the back for about 30 seconds.  It reminds me of temporary tattoos, just in this case we are hiding tattoos instead of flaunting them.  Overall it is great.  Yes I have days where I wish I would have never gotten these particular tattoos, but this product helps me get through each day easily.

I really appreciate products like this because it allows us with tattoos to be accepted in workplaces where tattoos are not.

A kit of 6 color sheets is only $9.95 and with a tattoo this small it will last you at least a couple of months.  You can learn more about Tatjacket and their Eclipse Tattoo Cover Patches and other products on their website, and you can purchase direct.




Products provided for 100% honest review

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2 thoughts on “Tatjacket Eclipse cover up photos and review

  1. Rose Powell says:

    Love the tat (haha), pretty neat how it covered it up, I got a tatoo when I was in the Navy and of course, had I planned it better, I would’ve placed it differently, a product like this could/would really help!


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