Obsession of the month: @victoriassecret Pencil Me in Brow pencil in Brunette

I’ve been trying to find this one online for you all to get your pretty little manicured hands on but have been unsuccessful so far.  So you need to put on your cutest Pink attire and head to your local store to find this one: Victoria’s Secret Pencil Me in… brow pencil in brunette.

It is my new go-to brow product.  I have lopsided brows so I literally have to over pluck and draw the remainder in so I’m balanced looking.  Before I had this brow pencil I was using a slanted brush with brown matte eye shadow.  This is so much more natural looking, and takes way less time.

victorias secret brow pencil

This brow was too sad for a before shot, so that is the after.

Thank you Victoria’s Secret Beauty for keeping me feeling like an Angel.

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