Peak Fit System & BodyMedia Link armband updates

Hello!  It is motivational Monday update time.  I’m on week 3 of my Peak Fit System work outs and around week 6 of my BodyMedia Link armband.  I’ve got to say that for wanting to lose my “last 10 lbs” it is coming off… sometimes it feels slow, but then I keep reminding myself that everyone says this is the hardest part.  (other than getting started.)

Into week three I am feeling much less fatigued.  I have more energy and strength overall.  Doing simple things like helping my husband lift or move furniture is much less of a struggle than it used to be for me.  The BodyMedia Link is totally keeping me on track.  I’ve learned that while I’m logged into the app on my iPhone I can hit the button on my armband to send my information via bluetooth.  So there is no need to connect to my computer unless it is to charge it or to pull up weekly reports.


As you can see, that even doing these workouts at a moderate pace you can burn a ton of calories.  It encourages you to do more (I did a lot of walking this day in addition to my workout) and I sure did sleep well as a result!  But think of the results I will keep getting if I keep dedicating myself like this!  Woohoo!

I’m proud to say I’ve lost another pound!  It is interesting when you’re working out more and feeling better you really want to only feed yourself good things.  Then if you “splurge” on something not so good, you really don’t feel so good.  In the end realizing how not so good those things really are.  Did that make any sense?

How are you doing with your workouts?  Are you closer to your goals?  Was losing weight or getting more fit part of a new years resolution?  Share in the comments!

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