Tat2X Ink Armor reviews

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I’ve got another great form of tattoo cover up today for you.

This one does not require any special make up, fancy application techniques, pain, nor is it time consuming.  It is simple, comfortable and available in a variety of colors to hold your interest.  It is the Tat2X Ink Armor sleeves.  They range from small (like a wrist band) to large, that will cover a full sleeve.

See for yourself…

wristShown above is the wrist 3″ sleeve in black.  I love it because some of my sweaters start to creep up as I move around at work and I need to be FULLY covered.  It blends in nicely and is not obvious to anyone that I am wearing additional articles of fabric with my outfit.  The material makes it breathable so I did not sweat underneath it.  Also it is easy to clean.


Here is the full arm sleeve in light because I’m pale!  For me this one did not work out fantastically, but I think it is because I would want it to completely blend with my skin tone.  You can make out a faint black marking from underneath which I honestly expect with light fabric, light skin, and dark ink.  It was comfortable, and I will actually be purchasing more of these just in a darker shade like red or black.

Both of these are available for less than $15 each and I have to say if I was a nurse or a cop I would be all over these full arm sleeves.  For me, I think the best bet is the wrist cover-ups.  I’m excited to try out other Tat2X products such as their cover-up concealer and tape.  How cool does that sound?!

Learn more about Ink2X products and purchase directly on their website.

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