My perfect @glassescom experience

I wanted to share my experience using

After my post yesterday sharing my great experience with Walgreens in my area, I had to continue the opportunity to share another great customer service experience I had with this company that my husband discovered.

I’m super picky with my glasses.  So much so in fact that I wore the same pair for almost five years straight.  Finally my husband decided to log onto to pick out five pairs for me to try on because I was procrastinating.  (thank you for your TV commercials!)

For free, he was able to choose pairs he thought I might like and send them to our home for free.  To be able to keep them for a few days and see them under various lighting (and moods that I have) I was able to choose the pair I wanted.  We sent back the 5 trial pairs (again free of charge) and ordered online.  I was able to text message my prescription on a weekend night, and get an INSTANT response from customer service.  For a minute I thought it was an automated response.  Until I said, “thank you” and got a “you’re welcome” response from a real person.  That was pretty effing cool…

It stated it would take about 2 weeks to receive them but about 10 days later they arrived.

glassesI chose some HUGE thick nerdy frames which I love.  They have transitions and all – non scratch and anti reflective lenses.  No need for 2 pairs of glasses when I go out anymore because I am destined to be prescription wearing for the rest of my life.  They immediately turned dark in the sun light which was a relief to my sensitive eyes.    For less than what a pair was going to cost at my optometrist, I was able to get exactly what I wanted.  They took the time and thought process out of it for me.  Plus, the added bonus of speedy and friendly service.


For these reasons, I have to highly recommend for your eye wear experience.

May the frames be with you.

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