Travel tip: beauty items to pack for getaways

There are some basic necessities that are crucial to remember to toss into that travel bag before you head out for your getaway.


Pictured above are some of the things I recommend.

  • A set of travel brushes.  You can find a decent set for a reasonable price at your local Super Store (like Target) This way you won’t ruin your every day brushes being tossed in a travel bag.  Plus, these smaller sized brushes come in their own little storage case.
  • Tweezers.  I take them everywhere.  Whether it’s a stray hair that starts to drive you nuts, or a random splinter – this is a good one to have with you in that bag.
  • Pre-packaged palette.  I like to take an all-in-one palette with me, like the kind from Sephora or e.l.f. This way pretty much everything I need is in one place from blush to shadow to highlighter and lips.  Also there is no need to dig through tons of individual products to pick and choose what I want to take.  Simple!
  • Make-up wipes.  I cannot stand taking a ton of beauty washes and lotions with me so I prefer wipes.  Plus after running around a new city you are going to want a quick way to clean up and relax in your room.
  • Travel sized shampoos and mini flat iron.  These are must haves for me, because lots of shampoos cause me crazy frizz in various climates.  I prefer to keep my mane in control by knowing I have everything I need with me.  The mini flat iron is petite enough for a purse, and is great for those dry shampoo in between blow out kind of days.
  • A fresh scented candle will make any room smell like your home away from home.  Whether your in the tub or on the bed, you’ll be able to relax with a comforting smell.
  • Pint sized sewing kits are essential – just in case you bust a seam, or lose a button.
  • Lip balm.  Every woman needs lip balm.  Need I say more?

Happy travels to you!

If you have any travel or packing tips share in the comments!  xo

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