Zoya Darcy manicure with Solange accent nail

This nail polish reminds me of my son – who is the sunshine of my life.  He wakes me up every weekend by coming into the bedroom and saying, “Mama, it is time to wake up.  It is a bright sunny day!”  That my friends is pretty much this nail polish – short & sweet.

zoya summerWhen I received the Summer Pixie Dust collection and then these fabulous bright solids I had to combine these two.  Some might think it is an odd pairing but it made me quite happy.  Solange is the Pixie Dust polish and I used two coats with no base or top coat.  Darcy is three coats in addition to a base and top coat.  I did have a little difficulty with Darcy it got a bit thick and streaky on me but that was partially due to my excitement and impatience during application, so I didn’t exactly wait the standard time between coats.

Overall, I think everyone should have yellow and golds in their life for a bright sunny day manicure.  Enjoy!

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