Travel Destination – San Diego, California

San Diego, CaliforniaBeing a California native, I think we can often get incredibly comfortable in our cities of residence.  We forget how beautiful our state is and how much traveling just a short distance has to offer us as a quick and inexpensive getaway from our every day lives.  As a mother that works full-time, goes to school full-time and has a family I have to be strategic with vacation time and finances.  You have to be able to take a small and realistic budget and make the most of it.  San Diego, California has some amazingly beautiful scenery from the city to Paradise Point island.  There is an ability to have a true getaway where you don’t even feel like you are in California anymore.  Then you could take a water taxi with your family to enjoy the Sea World theme park.  At night you can relax by the water or head into the city and enjoy the nightlife.  It is entirely up to you…

I’m hoping to plan a quick getaway myself, and the image above shows you everything that I hope to see for myself.  If you’re planning a trip be sure to check out my travel posts to see packing essentials for your journey.  Pack smart, and travel safe!


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3 thoughts on “Travel Destination – San Diego, California

  1. xlovehappyx says:

    Ah, now I see why I was directed to an old post–the iFabbo link went there instead of your homepage? Anyway, glad you’re still blogging. I love California and would love to visit San Diego. But I went to Florida instead (last month) because the water is warm ^_^


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