Starting my @SilknSolution Flash & Go routine!

Dear beauties,

Have you been cursed with obnoxious body and or facial hair?  Are you exhausted of experimenting with different methods just just don’t work?  Sick of shaving daily, scheduling wax sessions in shady salons, or using lotion potions that break out your skin?

Well, I am.  I’m not going to put up with it anymore either.  Finally, I am taking charge.

SilknflashngoI had tried a laser removal system previously.  However it was clunky, and was not for use on the face.  Which is honestly, now that I’m in my 30’s my most challenged area…

I spend wasted time in front of a magnified mirror examining for hairs and plucking.  I refuse to be one of those women where I think when I see her, “ooh… I’m embarrassed for her…”  As women age so do our bodies and that includes hair growth.  So this is my new weapon.  I’m not going to worry about carrying tweezers in every bag anymore, or fearing overnight stays without my beauty tools.

I’m optimistic this will be the answer to my prayers.

For starters, even though this is only a posting of my first use – it was incredibly simple to use.  I made sure my face was clean, dry, and then took the product out of the package.  Next I plugged it into the wall and turned on the power.  From there I was ready to go.  Simply waited for the lights to flash and pulled the trigger then move onto the next spot.  Can’t get easier than that.  It was an almost immediate re-charge, unlike the last product like this from another company I used.  It went SO quickly, I was literally, completely in shock.  I just sat there like, “OMG I’m done.  Now what else can I zap?!?!”  Then went to town.  In two weeks I can do my second treatment.  Couldn’t be more excited!!!

Stay tuned for my journey!

xo, Michelle

Product was provided for 100% honest review

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