Fashion Find: @natural_life Jeweled Friendship Bracelets

When I first saw these I died from their fabulosity.  I mean seriously… what girl never had a friendship bracelet?  No matter your age, you still want to rock one.

Now you can with a touch of sophistication.


I love this color combination.  It is not too crazy that I couldn’t wear it to work, so I did with a chambray blouse, red skinny jeans, and navy heels with a silver tip.  This bracelet added the perfect punch without being over the top.  Plus it warmed my heart.

Here is another style that is available:


Insanely adorable, right?

Wear one or layer them on to express your personality.

Buy matching bracelets for you and your group of friends!

For only $12 each on they will make a major gift for your girlfriends.

Product provided for 100% honest review

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