@Disney does it again with Cars Land

I have to admit.  I’m pretty sure I was more excited than my husband and four year old son put together to renew our annual Disney passports to finally venture into the almost year old Cars Land.  I’d dreamed about the day when we would return for this visit and yesterday, our day came.  It was perfection.

As you step around the corner from Bug’s Life, you are instantly taken into Radiator Springs.  It’s like being thrown into an alternate universe full of scenery, colors, and laughter.  Everything is overwhelmingly adorable – straight out of the films.  There are three rides, and we rode two of them on our first trip.

Thankfully, now that we can return whenever we please we can revisit often and without feeling rushed to do everything in one day.

At first glance I was choked up.  Disney makes me emotional.  Seriously.  Something about being so far removed from whatever is going on in your life at work or home or wherever that you are literally just wiping your mind free of worries or cares.

cars land 3

This is my son at the Cozy Cone motel.  Off to the right there is a life sized talking Mater whom you can line up for a photo opportunity.  Super cute.

cars land

This was the first ride we went on and literally even in line I was being pummeled by insanely sweet Mater artwork all over.  The ride was much larger than it appeared and accommodates big groups which makes the wait time go quickly.  My favorite part is the MUSIC which is Mater singing songs and they are to die for.  Each “ride” or “turn” plays a different song so you are not listening to one annoying track on repeat.  This ride is a bit jerk-y.  Me, my husband and son all rode together and we did quite a bit of sliding into one another.  It was faster than expected.  Imagine the tea cups but as tractors and zig zagging in and out of traffic with no control of your truck.  That is this ride.

cars land 2

This art was while we waited in line for Radiator Springs Racers!  It took us about an hour to ride, which is quite reasonable compared to the four hour waits I heard about when the park first opened this feature.  I’ve got to admit – it was worth the wait.

cars land 1

Here we are in the back row of our racer.  When you first buckle in to your car, you take a nice leisurely ride through the hills of Radiator Springs.  Inside you take a tour of the town and see all the bright and cheery characters from the movie.  Then all the sudden you’re tires are being prepped for racing day.  You think, “are we really going to race?!”  Yep!

A few moments later you are parked in front of Lightning himself and he is wishing you good luck as another racer full of passengers pulls up next to you.  The doors open and countdown goes off and suddenly you TAKE OFF.  You are literally racing.  Up and down over hills and around corners we were laughing up a storm because it was so shocking and fun.  I literally had to wipe away tears of joy when this ride ended.

Disney, you did it again.  You’ve outdone yourself and made me one proud and happy Disney mom.  Growing up in California has been a dream, being part of the growth of this park throughout my lifetime.  The upgrades and memories that you give to millions of people each year is unthinkable.  I will keep wishing upon a star that one day we can join you at your other parks, and fulfill a lifelong dream of mine to do so.

Now that we are season pass holders again, I will do regular Disney posts and updates here.  I’m hoping that you all share your Disney secrets and memories because they are too great to keep to ourselves!


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8 thoughts on “@Disney does it again with Cars Land

  1. Pamela R says:

    Hubby and I went to DisneyLand for our Honeymoon….many years ago—we’ve wanted to take our kids back to CA, hasn’t happened yet–but Car Land is SURE a big draw now–MY SON LOVES CARS!


  2. Jamie says:

    I want to go there so bad!!! I told my husband he could take our son around to all of the other places and I’ll be there when he gets done!! 🙂


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