My May obsession: @LOCCITANE Lavande Roll-On Relaxant

So there is this one small bottle I’ve been using every night.  After a long day at work, a tough workout, or before bedtime – this is my one and only go to product.  I never was a believer in fragrances or essential oils previous to using this tiny roller ball.  Now I cannot live without this particular one.  Here she is…

lavanila relax

I’ve got to figure out how to order this in bulk.  The smell is pure lavender, so clearly this is not for those that cannot stand that scent.  It is incredibly relaxing and powerful, however, not over the top.  I roll some onto my wrists and neck at night then I lay down and breathe deeply.  It allows me to focus on just the scent and it carries away any trailing thoughts I may have had looming in my mind from the busy day that I just had.

My only bummer is I cannot figure out how to find it online so if anyone has ever purchased online, please share a link!  As for me, I will be heading to a local L’Occitane boutique to ask for myself and empty out their inventory should they have any on hand.  They do however have several other products of the “Lavande” line so my worst case scenario will be to buy those instead of the roll-on.

Product provided for 100% honest review.

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