@ProFormFitness 520 Treadmill ZN review

A few months back we walked into our local Super Walmart and purchased the Pro-Form 520 Treadmill ZN.  After having used it several times a week ever since I can finally share an educated review of the treadmill.  For a few specifics on it, the speed and incline goes up to 10.  There are some basic, yet challenging workouts built into the machine where you simply input your height, weight, time for workout and desired calorie burn.  There are two cup/accessory holders, speakers for iPod compatibility and two speed fan.


So I have been using this pretty religiously with my BodyMedia Link armband managing my calorie intake and burn.  It’s been quite successful in transforming not only my physical appearance, but the way in which I manage stress and my overall fitness.  The machine display is bright and tells me exactly how fast, the incline, the caloric burn, and even my heart rate if I put my hands on the handle bars.

Since I do not have the iFit technology add-on, even though this treadmill is compatible, I’ve been using a free program on my phone called Couch 2 5k.  I’ve combined that and alternated with the pre-built workouts in the machine.  There are no major complaints with the machine other than as I raise the incline it does make some noises, and there are some noises when I put my speed over 5.5 but it is not enough to scare me or deter me from using it.  My husband was able to assemble it on his own.

I’m very curious to learn more about the iFit workouts and try them out for myself but at this time purchasing the add-ons is not a reality.  So hopefully we can get a couple as self gifts for the holiday season upcoming.  That way there is extra reason to get on the treadmill after eating some special holiday treats.

This is one of the best rated treadmills under $600, not that I have many to compare to personally but I did read thousands of reviews of this and others before purchasing.

Have you ever used the iFit technology?  I’d love to learn more, so share in the comments if you can!  Thanks for stopping by.

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