What would you wear? Fashion inspired by @MINI

I started thinking a while back.  What if our personal style is really reflected in technology, and the cars we drive – and vice versa?  I’ve always loved the aesthetics of the Mini Cooper.  So here is my way of dressing and accessorizing with one of my dream cars.

Mini Cooper

I die for the racing stripes.  The sleek, black shine like patent leather.  This small car is also quite powerful looking and whoever drives it deserves to have the same look.  From the old school camera cell phone case to the Tarina Tarantino jewelry.  I envision thick black eyeliner, glossy lips, and and a fabulous fedora for when the top is down and cruising.

The Mini Cooper seems to be pretty perfect in the sense that you can customize it to suit who you are as a person.  No reason why your car shouldn’t reflect your personality…

Mini Coopers are known for their incredible gas mileage and high performance features.  Including premium technologies and safety features like road side assistance.  I also read for the first 36,000 miles – your maintenance is covered.  Now that is what I like to hear.  As a multi-award winner, this is a great choice for a compact car.

Maybe there is one in my future…

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