HairUWear® Extension Bar at the Nine Zero One Salon, West Hollywood, California

The hottest starlets in Hollywood came out to celebrate the launch of the HairUWear® Extension Bar at Nine Zero One Salon. Co-owned by celebrity stylists Nikki Lee and Riawna Capri, Nine Zero One is the expert destination for extensions, and Julianne Hough, Vanessa Hudgens and Jennifer Morrison were just a few of A-listers who flocked to the salon to experience the Extension Bar firsthand on opening night.


 ·         Vanessa Hudgens and her little sister Stella each received matching braid styles enhanced with POP by HairUWear Color Strips(image attached/below).


·         Pretty Little Liars star Janel Parrish arrived with friends and got a headband braid using the POP by HairUWear Faux Fur Braid.


·         Later in the evening Julianne Hough popped by, and was spotted chatting with Audrina Patridge as stylists enhanced her bob with a bright pink POP by HairUWear Color Strip (image attached/below).

 Photo Caption: HairUWear® Extension Bar at the Nine Zero One Salon, West Hollywood, California

 The HairUWear® Extension Bar offers a full line of HairUWear products and extension services for flawless styles from Great Lengths, Raquel Welch, Hairdo and POP Extension collection options.

They all look beautiful to me.  Subtle “pops” of color in their hair for a little flair.  I would love to try Audrina’s look for myself! 

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