@Disney and @DisneyParks bucket list

Disney fans have some things they dream will come true one day.  I’m calling mine my Disney bucket list.  If you’re a Disney fan, you might find this fun & relate-able.

  1. Finally beat my husband at Toy Story Midway Mania
  2. Finally get across the country and see Disney World
  3. Get rich & join Club 33
  4. Stay in a Disney hotel suite (preferably the Mickey Mouse suite)
  5. Sleep in Cinderella’s castle
  6. Have a proper Disney wedding vow renewal at a Disney park
  7. Disney Cruise!!!
  8. Visit Disney Paris
  9. Visit Disney Tokyo
  10. Visit Disney’s Aulani
  11. Be the best darn Monsters University student, ever.


Interested in making your own MU ID card?  Click here.

Monsters University is being released on June 21st, 2013!

If you’d like to share your Disney dreams / bucket list items – go ahead and share in the comments.  We can inspire each others lists to grow!

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9 thoughts on “@Disney and @DisneyParks bucket list

  1. maria @close to home says:

    I really need a trip to disney world for my youngest who was too little to remember his trip there. I almost went to disney paris while backpacking in Europe but was convinced to go see nore or Europe instead…


  2. Lisa b says:

    Monster U is coming out on one of my sons bday. taking them to go see it. We went to magic kingdom once a few years ago but now that my kids are older i would love to take them again!


    • beautybesties says:

      Well Gina, sounds like you might be a Disney World pro. I might need to seek your advice if I can ever get my plans straight to visit!


    • beautybesties says:

      I hear you Billie. It can take some saving and planning but it is worth it. I feel blessed to have grown up in Orange County.


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