Road trip @Cadillac – past and future state

Recently I read an article on that Cadillac is looking to capture a new audience – power women.  I have to say as much as I appreciate the gesture, Cadillac had my heart for the last 20 years of my life.  Even when I was younger I loved the vintage cars with the amazing pops of color and boat like appearances.  Now their cars are smaller, sleek and sexy.  So I guess I can understand the relation to power women.  🙂


This is how I envision my next Cadillac & accessories to collide.

Go-go glam.

I’m obsessed with the idea of their new ELR however I will probably eventually end up with an ATS since I’ve read that the ELR will start around $70k.  The new ATS luxury sedan has new additions like CUE which is a ground breaking technology built in to your car with everything from navigation system to Pandora radio and it has voice recognition (sweet!)

The new ATS is quite with Bose noise cancellation and head up display built into your plain view.  It has other cool fancy things like light up handles.  I mean, all we want as budding business women is a little extra bling and Cadillac delivers.

In my former life I drove an ’88 Brougham sedan.  It was a beast and I loved it.


This was something I drew about 7 years ago when I first bought that ’88 Brougham.  I named her Queen, hence the queen of diamonds card reference in the image.  The martini glass was because I felt like a dang pimp driving that thing around.  It was fun!

Thank you Cadillac for still making me drool over your autos…

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