Southern California stay-cation @SeaWorld

I recently wrapped up a 10 day stay-cation here in my zone – Southern California.

We had some plans to stay locally here in the high desert where we currently reside and do some shopping at our recently upgraded Victor Valley mall, and always fun Barstow outlets.  But on a larger scale we visited a couple of theme parks one of which was Sea World, San Diego.  I hadn’t been to Sea World since I was a kid, so I had no clue how it may have transformed over the years…


I knew the day (and 3 hour tour, I mean, drive) was off to a good start with the rainbow peaking out from the mountains off the side of the road.


Here are the jellies in the aquarium that was inside near the back of the park.


My four year old was pretty amazed by the Turtle Reef exhibit.


There was a fun interactive video game at the end of the Turtle Reef exhibit called Turtle Trek which taught children and adults about the dangers of pollution on our marine animals and ecosystem.  It was pretty darn cool.


One of my favorite events from the day was the Antarctica exhibit where this polar bear walked right up the glass.  It was so surreal being that close to him.


This is my ultimate favorite experience at the park.  The manta ray exhibit so you can reach out and touch them.  It’s safe, they’ve removed the danger from the experience.  You can actually feed them which is so neat to see and do.  I think they’re used to being fed because some of the much larger rays literally stick their head out of the water and flap around for you to pet them and will stay there for minutes.  They feel a little slippery, the guy working there said they have a coat of mucus surrounding them.  Thankfully there are also hand washing stations for germaphobes like me.


This is my boy on one of the rides within the Sesame Street kids area.  He thought it was so cool that everything was Sesame Street – it was built just for them which is great.  There are opportunities for the kids to just run and be kids, which can be needed after all the learning they are doing throughout the day.  It’s like a built in recess.

We saw two shows: the dolphin show and the Shamu show.  Both were cute and entertaining.  One thing I heard about which sounded really cool was the opportunity to dine with Shamu.  You get to eat near where they are being trained and learn about them up close.  Seems like such a neat experience.  There are also dolphin experiences for you to get up close and personal with them as well.  How cool!

Other areas that were under construction: Aquatica which is a water park and Madagascar Live! Operation: Vacation which I know we will all love.  The water park is not really my style… but I’m sure on a SUPER hot day I may give in if we were to stay for longer.

My husband shocked me when he purchased the 2 year tickets which gave us premium parking.  (Literally we parked AT the entrance gate to the park, you can’t beat that) and gave us a discount when we ate at the park.  (The burgers at the main entrance are bomb!) Unfortunately the girl charged us twice so we had to file for a dispute to get one of them charged back to our card.  (boo!)

It was raining in the morning so we purchased our Shamu parkas.  So we are all set for next visit.  Due to the fact that it was three hour drive each way we are going to have to figure out  a plan to stay down there for at least one night because we were all exhausted afterwards.  I’ve read there are some really beautiful and hip places to stay.  Hopefully we can find some that won’t break the bank.

I’ll share about the next experience we have and include photos of the new items at the park since they will be open by then.

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