Disney parks ticket price changes #disneyfan #disney #travel

Well Disney fans, unless you are lucky and already own a Disney pass you will need to save another paycheck before visiting a Disney park in the US.

Ticket prices at both Orlando and Anaheim are going up!  Please check the official Disney Parks website for new pricing at all theme parks.  New prices are effective June 2, 2013.  Even your parking is going to cost you a buck more in California.

Disneyland tickets

Disney World tickets

With all of the constant upgrades at the Disney parks I can understand how they can demand more money.  It is really the only theme park in the world where people plan their entire vacation around the visit.  WDW now has the new Fantasyland additions and in California Adventure with Cars Land and main entrance re-done it is hard to beat when you have kids or are still a kid at heart.  Another new addition at Disneyland is the new Mickey and the Magical Map stage show which I hear is quite a site to see.

cars land

Cars Land

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