Batiste dry shampoo for medium and brunette hair – product review

Ok.  It is official.  I am  TOTALLY OBSESSED with this product.

I was whining about running out of dry shampoo and my husband ordered this from for me (for the win!)


As I’ve been growing out my thick, curly hair – I’ve been straightening it.  But I know how much damage that does to hair so I try to only do it twice a week. To make my at-home blow-outs last, I use dry shampoo.  Sure, the other stuff worked.  It took away the slickness that my natural produced oils that were creeping through.  However most dry shampoos have a chalky appearance.

This dry shampoo is made for me.  (and you, if you’re a brunette.)

It looks much less like I dumped baby powder in my hair.  I still have to fluff and brush after spraying it onto my hair but then it is was like magic hair elves renewed my hair.

I love it.  Plus it smells good… and it is more affordable than fancy brands.  The Batiste brand is old school but they have updated their line to include a ton of different fragrances and for different hair types.  This is my new go-to hair product.  Woohoo!

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