Beauty, Health and Confidence with UFC Octagon Girl @AriannyCeleste

Recently I had the opportunity to ask some questions to the absolutely gorgeous Arianny Celeste. Arianny is more than just a model, she is an athlete. Arianny Celeste is UFC’s Octagon Girl, has a fitness management and nutrition degree from UNLV, is a collaborator for the women’s line of Jaco clothing, a beauty blogger and a fitness expert extraordinaire. She’s provided us with some insight on how to live a confident and healthy lifestyle in the real world.  No fad diet, no gimmick.

Here is the question/answer session between me and Arianny:

Q1. What are some effective exercises to do if someone does not have a gym membership or equipment?

A1: Use your body weight, push-ups, sit ups, squats jumping jacks are all simple effective ways to exercise. There are also affordable tools like bands and ankle weights that can help too without breaking the bank.

Q2. How do you stay strong against food temptations?

A2: I don’t diet; I only make good food choices and eat in moderation. For example, if I want a piece of chocolate after a meal I will have it but not the whole bar and it will be dark chocolate. Also I give myself a cheat meal once a week. That does not mean that you binge eat all day, it just means you have one unhealthy meal, once a week. Your body will get used to the healthy food!

Q3. What do you suggest for keeping energy up during a long day?

A3: I start by juicing orange, kale , spinach, beets, carrots apple and strawberries. This is a natural boost , then you can have green tea with honey/lemon throughout the day.

Q4. How can women work on building self confidence that you exude?

A4: It’s not what size you wear it matters how you feel. Remember that everyone is different and as long as you are taking steps to love yourself and keep yourself healthy that is what matters. A smile is the best thing a woman can wear!

(that comment made me love her more)

Here are some other great tips from Arianny…

Follow Arianny Celeste’s Five Easy Tips for How to Look Your Best This Summer:

1. The best way to keep yourself glowing from the inside and out is to stay hydrated!
2. Protect your skin; lather on sunscreen SPF 15 or higher.
3. Find a good tinted moisturizer with SPF, this is great for the pool or beach; anywhere that you want to have a light glow on your face.
4. Do a quick exercise: 100 crunches of any kind and at least 50 squats a day no matter where you are.
5. Avoid sweet drinks and soda they are packed with sugar and will make you bloated

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