Organic Male @OM4men product review


About Organic Male OM4

Organic Male OM4 is the first complete, type specific, organic skin care system for men.  Precise formulations of food grade natural, organic and biodynamic botanicals, yield OM4’s distinctive results.

Looking for something different to give dad this Father’s Day?  Pamper papa and give him the gift of healthy feet with a pair of summer sandals or dress shoes alongside the new Organic Male Healing Herbal Antifungal Foot Treatment!  With the summer season upon us, this is the perfect gift for dads to enjoy this Father’s Day.

 The newly launched Organic Male Healing Herbal Antifungal Foot Treatment is a soothing lotion that creates smooth, healthy feet in an instant.  This lightweight, non greasy formula is the newest addition to the Organic Male collection and works to soften heels and prevent athlete’s foot while promoting optimal foot health.  The ingredients infused into the treatment create a spa like experience for dad!

 Key Features:   

  • Lavender acts as an antiseptic with antibacterial properties to calm and soothe the skin
  • Black Walnut and Goldseal have antifungal properties
  • Calendula moisturizes and also serves as an anti inflammatory
  • $30

Now I have to admit.  My husband and toddler boy have some funky feet.  It must be in their genetic make-up.  I’d been desperate to try something on both of them but so many foot products are full of crazy chemicals I cannot even pronounce and I sure as heck was not about to douse either of their feet in them.  When we got this we immediately started the routine of washing feet at night and applying this (amazingly scented) product before bedtime.  Seriously after only two days my son’s foot looked like it belonged on someone else because it was like it had corrected any issues he had – from dry skin to odd toe nails.  This is the new guy go-to product in our home.

Product provided for 100% honest review

Learn more about OM4 products on their website. and treat the men in your life to some quality products!

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