Road trip with @Ford @FordTrucks


On this edition of road trip, we are paying a tribute to Ford trucks.  Ford holds a very special place in my heart.  I learned how to drive in a 1994 Ford Bronco.  As soon as I had enough money to buy my first vehicle, I chose a silver Ford F150 off the lot.  Truly I worked my tail off between playing hockey at wee hours of the morning and staying late to referee, keep score, and take dues from other players to make a living.  For me, the truck made sense.  Ford is known as being a long time reliable truck and it was super convenient to throw a stinky hockey bag into the bed of it.  As my odd hobbies grew, the bed of that truck housed my drum kit from home to practice to gigs.  It took a beating but I loved it.  For years that truck and I traveled all over Southern California with the windows down.  My fondest memories of driving were in this truck.

I chose a newer model of the Ford to show how it has evolved.  They are a bit beefier in style, so I kept the clothes styled to match the truck itself.  Ford represents great American automobile manufacturing and each item depicted appropriately goes with.

Silly boys, trucks are for girls!

About six months ago I test drove a new F150 and was blown away by the features.  My first truck had a tape deck and manual roll-down windows.  This new truck had an in-dash computer system with Sirius radio that will recognize your smartphone for safe driving.

The F150 is best-in-class towing, and fuel efficient technology.  One of my favorite new features is the personal safety system with a crash sensitivity sensor.  I trust Fords with my life, being that I was in a car accident in a Ford going 65 mph into a center divider on a freeway and walked away with only bruising.

I think if I were ever to get another truck again (which my husband and I both swoon over the Ford Raptor still to this day) that is what we would have to splurge on…

Next week we will have more female friendly car styles.

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