@jacoclothing hybrid training apparel review

Tired of going to the gym and wearing the same workout pants as the girl on the elliptical next to you? Whether you are a triathlete or more of a yoga enthusiast, you deserve to look your best while you sweat. Throw out your old gym clothes and get a new pick me up for your hitting-the-gym wardrobe!

Let me interject by saying this shirt below is THE SOFTEST SHIRT I HAVE EVER WORN.


This summer you want to be in the JACO bamboo shirts and tanks and compression shorts or training tights. Jaco bamboo shirts and tanks are embellished with 100% water-based inks which are environmentally friendly and are designed to soak into the shirt to become part of the cloth itself; making them breathable, durable, and comfortable. This garment is made with 60% rayon from bamboo and 40% cotton; bamboo plants grow quickly, do not require fertilizers or pesticides, release more oxygen into the atmosphere than trees and are self-replenishing, making them 100% sustainable and earth friendly. The full length training tights offer a sleek form fitting shape and performance moisture wicking fabrics that streamline your figure. Not only will you look like you’ve already achieved your fitness goals, the pants will actually intensify your workout. Talk about wearable inspiration! You will be the talk of the locker room with these perfect workout pieces.

 Arianny Celeste, UFC’s Octagon Girl and voted One of the Sexiest Women in the World, is a  collaborator and supporter of Jaco clothing. She will be redesigning and relaunching a women’s line for Jaco in the fall as well!

OK people, Arianny and Jaco knocked it out of the park with these clothes.  The training tights are amazing.  They breathe but are sturdy and don’t sag around the waist line like some other brands I have worn before.  Finally something I can run in!  Also being a petite 5’0″ they were not too long for me.  I don’t feel like I’m in circus clothing.  Truly they are high quality, comfortable, and still made me feel like I gave a crud about what I wore.   I’ll be wearing my Buddha shirt this weekend. Love it!  I’m dying to get my hands on more. The hooded Henley looks heavenly and the tanks seem like they’d be super cool for summer.  With prices ranging from $19.99 – $59.99 they are competitive with the more established name brands but I’ve tried those too, and this is my new fave.

Products provided for 100% honest review

Get your gear on http://www.jacoclothing.com

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