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Thanks to Collective Bias I was able to travel to my local, brand new Super Walmart and shop for some Summer specialties from Rimmel.  For starters, the new store was gigantic and sparkling clean.  Even the parking lot had safety walkways which makes me feel happy being the mother to a toddler.  The signage in the store clearly and quickly lead me to where I needed to be and I was able to discover the following…

(if you’re interested in more photos from my trip to Super Walmart click here)


An elongated display stood in front of me, packed full of pretty products that are quality and affordable.  For less than $30 anyone can get everything they need for a fresh summer face.  The Rimmel product line includes everything from concealer and foundation to lipsticks and nail polish (and everything in between.)  After much debating, I chose the following items to create my summer look to share with you today.


I’m a sucker for a “bedroom” eye as some may call it.  I’d much rather wear a smoldering, smokey eye with a barely there lip.  I think it is sexy and sophisticated.  Plus how can one resist putting products on their peepers with the word glam in it?!  Come on now.

The Sun Safari quad of eye shadows is the primary item in use here.  I also used the two other palettes in the photo to use as a pop of color for a liner on the upper and lower lid.  Then Endless Summer was the gloss I had to grab.  When trying to achieve a summer look, I went with the summer themed and named items.  It was meant to be!


My favorite tips for achieving an eye like this is to always do my lightest color first.  I apply it everywhere from the inner corner of the eye all the way up to the arch in my eyebrow.  Then I add the next shade in color depth to the lid, and put the darkest shade in the corner of my eye lid to create that smokey appearance.  Don’t be afraid to using a different color to line your eyes!  I used a gold for the top lid and a teal for the bottom and I think it came out beach-y and fun, but not over the top or inappropriate for the office.

The lip gloss was silky in texture and provided a perfect shine to compliment the eyes I had just created without overpowering them.  It was a perfect balance.  The mascara is out of control!  Look at those lashes I was able to bat all day long!


If you’re looking for budget beauty products that are easy to find and easy to use, I highly recommend Rimmel.  At Walmart the prices ranged from $1.50 with the average cost of an item being approximately $3.97 – which is really hard to beat!  Plus do not think just because you’re not spending a lot that you’re getting a lower grade product.

This look lasted all day long, with the exception of the gloss that I reapplied through the day as needed.  Head out to see what your local stores carry of Rimmel and let me know how your Summer look turns out.  If you have a summer trick or tip, let me know!

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