Road Trip: @ChevyVolt


We are continuing our road trip, this week in a Chevy Volt!

Volt owners have already driven 100,000,000 EV miles. That means saving gallons of gas and making a difference for the environment.  If you are looking to save money on gas to buy more adorable earth friendly clothing and accessories to match your “green” lifestyle then the Chevy Volt may be a great option for you.  It was voted one of the top compact cars of 2012 by JD Power and Associates.  New for 2013 is the addition of Hold mode, which allows you to hold your battery charge in reserve. This is ideal for commuters who start their route on the highway and want to save their charge for when they hit stop-and-go city traffic.  It also states on their website it can charge for less than $2 a day!

I picture the Chevy Volt owner to be earth conscious in all aspects of their life.  That is why I chose products, clothing and accessories to match that personality.  It seems like every where I go now I see charging stations for vehicles.  Considering I am a short commuter this may even be an option for me once we seriously look into a second car.

Stay tuned next week when we take another road trip!

If you have suggestions for specific cars you’d like to see featured in this serious leave a comment or message me.  🙂

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