Business #fashion: build a wardrobe with these mix and match basics


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I have to admit when I started working in healthcare administration a few years ago – not only did I have a crud wardrobe, I had no sense of style.  I thought dressing up for work meant khakis and a blue button down blouse.  Then I realized… women wear heels in the real world!  Women get to have fun being women!

It took a lot for me to break my old habits because my comfort zone was jeans and tees.  Slowly but surely, with the help of I started playing with images to learn how to put an outfit together.  I could move items in and out until I liked the final result.  Then one day I got really courageous and went shopping.

This is simply an encouragement that it is not difficult.  Yes it can be stressful because we are a different size in every store and two of the same things from different racks will fit the opposite.  I get it.  I’ve cried over it before, too.  So start with some basics.  It doesn’t matter what store you go to whether it is Target, Forever 21, or Macy’s you can find them.

Starting a wardrobe with black and white is the key.  There is so much versatility and you are guaranteed that every item will go together.  Plus there are endless possibilities of what you can mix and match.  It will start to feel like a game and be fun! So go out there and buy something you love.  Baby steps are better than no steps in the world of fashion.

Work it girl!

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