Mally 24/7 Gel Polish Nail Color photos and review

I’ve been lucky enough to try some of the latest and greatest in beauty technologies over the past few years.  Recently I had the opportunity to work with the beautiful Mally’s 24/7 Gel Polish Nail Color.  I was sent two colors for review: Melonista and Caribbean Sea.  They are both gorgeous compliments to one another so I did an at home gel manicure with Melonista as my main color and Caribbean Sea as my accent nail.

Product was provided for 100% honest review


Application was simple – really no different than any other gel nail polish.  However I did appreciate these colors very much, as the other brands I had tried before did not have colors this fun for me to play with.  Overall there are 30 colors to choose from at $15/each which is comparable.  Personally the packaging is far superior.  I love lining my gel polishes up on my manicure table and these are just way prettier than the other blah bottles.  Mally never does us wrong, does she?

Recommended instructions:

Prep: Apply Nail Surface Cleanser to a Lint-Free Wipe and wipe each nail. Push back cuticles with cuticle tool and remove the natural shine from your nails with the pink side of the nail file. Shape and file nails. Apply cleanser to a wipe, and wipe each nail again. Brush nails with Nail Prep. Apply a thin layer of Gel Primer to the surface of the nails, then apply a thin layer of Base Coat to the fingers of one hand. Seal the nail tip. Cure for 30 seconds.

Color: Apply nail color to one hand. Be sure to seal the nail tip. Remove excess color with cuticle tool. Cure for 60 seconds, and repeat color application on the other hand, curing between each set. Apply a second coat of color and cure for 60 seconds.

Finish: Apply Top Coat and cure nails for 30 seconds. Apply cleanser to a wipe and rub each nail to reveal shine and color.

Color choices:

  • Big Apple: a candy apple red
  • Cruella: a deep red
  • Forever Your Girl: a radiant pink
  • I Bought the Ring: a pearly white
  • Like A Virgin: a beige pink
  • Mally’s Baby: a soft, glittery pink
  • Peachy Keen Jelly Bean: an orange-y peach
  • Sinful: a black plum
  • Sapphire Up: a deep sapphire blue
  • Pink Diamond in the Rough: a striking pink
  • Madison Avenue: a pale pink beige
  • Follow your Heart: a bright red
  • You Sparkle!: a glittery pale gold
  • Go for the Gold: a golden shade
  • Thanks a Latte: a deep beige
  • Olive You Too: an olive green
  • Spice up Your Life: a medium red
  • Bubbly: a silver glitter
  • After Hours: a deep plum
  • Dancing Queen: a pale shimmering pink
  • Hot Pink and Bothered: a hot pink
  • Caribbean Sea: a blue green
  • Melonista: a melon shade
  • Bey-B Blue: a baby blue
  • Wishing on a Rockstar: a black with multicolor sparkles
  • Tanning in the Buff: a bronze taupe
  • Stop Whining!: a shimmering deep mauve
  • Be Back in a Fuchsia: a hot pink

I did use my own gel curing lamp with these polishes and experienced no issues with application.  However if you do not own a curing lamp yet Mally has her own pretty in pink version that is a full-on, everything you’re gonna need package available now on QVC.  For less than $200 and including 17 must have and four dreamy colors it is a pretty good deal.

Next steps for me is to get a bottle of Bubbly.  Not champagne, the Mally polish – it is a super packed silver glitter… xoxo


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