Skylanders Mega Bloks – Spyro photos and review


Ever since I showed these to my (almost) five year old he has been begging for chores to earn money to purchase these Skylanders Mega Bloks sets.  Because his birthday is coming up, he got an early treat from his grandparents.  He actually got two sets of Mega Bloks – one Spyro and one Tree Rex.

The very next morning we bravely took on the mission of putting together this set.  It states it is for five years and up.  I assumed it was like those giant blocks – you know which ones I’m talking about??  But they are actual “Lego” sized pieces, that come in several tiny plastic bags and detailed visual instructions.  Unless your child is proficient in engineering technologies and incredibly determined (not to mention fragile when they are playing with their toys) then they are going to have a hard time with this one.  My husband put most of the pieces together while my son played with Spyro and the Frigid Chompies on the side.

In the grand scheme of things – they look really freaking cool.  If we had shelf space in our son’s room they would simply go on display with his Skylanders bed.

Neat bonus is that the ship shoots two plastic arrows which can be really good or bad depending on how you look at it.  Even with my small hands, I managed to snap the chopper pieces off while trying to shoot it.  But it is relatively simple to put back together once you’ve done the initial build.

These Mega Bloks Skylanders packages range from $10 – $60.

For the youngest crowd I would probably recommend just the Battle Portal packs to eliminate the traumatic tantrums that may occur in your household (parent and or child.)

Today we are going to brave the Tree Rex set.  Wish us luck…


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