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Product was received for 100% honest review

Girls.  Glitter is back in full effect.  Not only can you see it this new Zoya nail polish “Tomoko” but you can feel it with the Pixie Dust process that creates a textured polish.

Tomoko is a silver that shimmers non-stop.  This manicure used two coats.  Please note that I did not use a base or top coat.

The effects are long lasting – I have worn this for a week with minimal tip wear.  Which is great for the big picture but at the end of the day removal can be a challenge.  I recommend with these polishes you do the foil wrap removal method that is used for glitters (you can find videos on YouTube if this is new to you) or you can also try the Elmer’s glue method where you pain a thin coat of Elmer’s craft glue as a base coat so when you are done with this manicure you can gently remove it through peeling.  (another thing you can find on YouTube) However if you want to wear it on its own you can.  Just be prepared that removal may take some time and elbow grease plus lots of removal liquid and pads/cotton balls.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  Overall I think it is worth the extra effort.  I really enjoy the payoff on these polishes.

Zoya Tomoko is available now on the Zoya website for $9

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