Anastasia Beverly Hills Beauty Express For Brows and Eyes in Brunette photos and review

anastasia beauty exp

As a going away gift from my last employer as I moved onto the next chapter in my career at a new job/organization – I received a Sephora gift card.  I’ve got to admit I was giddy as all heck receiving it and spend hours (literally) carefully evaluating products I wanted vs. needed.  Honestly I have issues with my brows – I over pluck, so it leads to me needing to use pencils and powders to achieve the shapes I want.  For years I have wanted to try Anastasia because I heard great things about her being a brow genius and thought maybe a stenciled approach would lead me to perfect brows.

A $40 purchase for this kit that included a few stencils, wax, two shades of brown powder, and two powders for my eyelids with a firm brush for application.  Sad to say I wasn’t thrilled seeing it in person.  There was only one stencil that worked on my tiny face – the others were completely overwhelming.  The powders did not last any longer than the brown shadows I used previously.  The wax made it difficult for any color to hold to my skin.  The two tiny cream colored shadows just didn’t do it for me.

Overall I used it a couple times to see if I could “perfect” the brow, but I went right back to my old methods – a slanted brush and brown powder freehand or a brow pencil.

This might be beneficial for you, but unfortunately it wasn’t for me.

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