Fresh #fotd with new Rimmel beauty products

Rimmel FOTD

Products provided for 100% honest review

Obsession alert.

I’ve been only using BB / CC creams for almost an entire year.  I forgot how amazing an actual foundation could be!

This Rimmel Match Perfection is my version of perfection.  It has great coverage without making me look like I’m wearing a ton of makeup.

While I love the concept of BB / CC creams, it isn’t enough coverage for me at work.  I like to look fully put together.  This does it.

The most amazing part?  It’s only about $5.  FIVE DOLLARS.  for.real.

I apply a small amount (about the dollop of a nickel) with my bare hands all over my face.  With just a touch of under-eye concealer and the other products shown in the collage, I am ready to take on the world.  The brow pencil is bomb.  Especially after the nightmare-ish experience I just had with a full brow kit.  Wake me up gives me a light flush to my cheeks with a shimmer so it is a dual purpose – blush and highlighter.  The mascara does it’s job and gives me long thick lashes.

Jump on it.

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