@SturDrinks – a family review


Product provided for 100% honest review

When I first saw one of my blogger friends write about Stur drinks I was really anxious to try it for myself and my family.

My husband and son consume an absurd amount of beverages daily, and use other water flavorings quite often.  However I couldn’t ever truly understand what exactly was being put into their water to color and flavor it so the idea of Stur providing vitamins and natural flavors was a sigh of relief.

The package arrived when I was at work.  So as soon as I got home my son started begging me to let him make his drink.  He chose Honestly Lemonade first.  So simple, as I held the water bottle and he squirted.  Then put the cap on and shook.  The first sip was taken and I kid you not he said, “mm!  This is delicious mama I LOVE it!”  Now I don’t mind when he asks for another drink.  I understand not everyone’s palette loves just water.  I do.  But not everyone does.  Both my son and husband need flavor.

At $4 a bottle it is comparable in price to other water flavorings in the store.

There is no sugar, no caffeine and no calories if you add Stur to your water.  Plus Stur contains a blend of essential vitamins, including A, D, E, B3, B5, B6, B12.

I highly recommend these to parents with children!  This is my choice over the “other” brands.

Learn more about Stur Drinks and purchase on their website here: http://www.sturdrinks.com

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