Orange you glad? 2012 Pantone Color of the Year makes a comeback (on my fingertips)


Products provided for 100% honest review

First up on the citrus flashback is Zoya in Tanning.  The ring finger has a single coat of Zoya Maria Luisa which is the thrifty girl’s version of a gold flake glitter top coat.


These Zoya “satin” colors like Tanning are incredibly pigmented and cover in a single coat.  Perfect for those who do not want to fuss applying layers.

orange nail trend

These nails are Morgan Taylor polishes.

The main color is Candy Coated Coral and the accent nail is Orange You Glad.

Yes, I am glad I’ve gotten sunnier with my manicure choices, thank you very much.

These are two coats each.  Happily, they lasted all week.

This just goes to show – wear what you love!  You don’t have to limit yourself to what’s hot right now.  If you like it, rock it.

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