Business basics – pops of color

3cf31ad2505ee7ab9b9488f6d7ee0efbIt is very easy to get stuck in an every day rut of literal business basics of black, grey, white and beige.  Create some amazing looks with a pop of color – very simple to integrate colorful pieces into your basic wardrobe.  Purchase simple colorful pieces that won’t break the bank and break up your every day routine.  You’ll be amazed by the compliments you get!

Minuet Petite shirt top
$65 –

Alice You blue blazer

Fake leather jacket
$62 –

Vince Camuto high heel shoes

Button jewelry

Kate spade bangle

Marc by Marc Jacobs enamel earrings
$70 –

Artificial jewellery

Banana Republic scarve

Aviator glasses

Nail polish

Graphic Image stationery

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