Yves Rocher men’s skin care review #bbloggers #gift


Products provided for 100% honest review

OK.  I have to admit, my husband was hesitant to try any of these.  The only one he jumped on was the shower gel.  At least he smells really good after using it.  The other items, he has never really used before like the after-shave balm and anti-dryness face care.  Ironically as the weeks passed since these products have been staring at him in the face from our bathroom counter, his skin started changing.  Perhaps it was the weather, seasons changing, perhaps it is “the new shampoo” he claims… but his skin started getting dry.  I picked up the bottles, put them in his hands, and he started using them.  There’s a huge difference now with his skin.  Right before he started using them his chin would be very dry, with large patches of flaky skin.  Now with the use of these products that has been eliminated.

These products feature agave sap, chamomile, shea butter and aloe vera.

There’s nothing wrong with a little product, men.  A little goes a long way.  All of these items are less than $40 cumulative. It’s a good, effective line of men’s skin care.

Don’t be scared.  Be thankful.

You can purchase the items for your family or friends at the Yves Rocher website.  Spend $40 total and get free shipping in the US.

Plus the contests are still going on – to win $250 Yves Rocher gift baskets – check ’em out.

Yves Rocher USA Facebook contest

Yves Rocher USA Pinterest contest

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