Mama Mio Pregnancy Essentials review


mama mio 1

I’ve been missing in action for a few months now and that is because I’m pregnant.  The entire first trimester I felt like my skin should have been green I was so nauseous.  Luckily, now in my second trimester I’m starting to feel human again.

I wanted to thank Mama Mio for sending these Pregnancy Essentials for me to use during this special time.

There are three products in this cute little package: Boob Tube, Tummy Rub Butter, and Lucky Legs.

Boob Tube is meant to be used to keep your neck and chest from any unhappy outcomes.  I haven’t seen any changes per say, but I know it feels good to apply.

Tummy Rub Butter is a thick and creamy shea butter rub that has felt amazing on my stretching belly.  Any itching or discomfort due to the changes in my body have been comforted by this rub.  My arms have also been very dry and this has kept me moisturized after application.

Lucky Legs is a sparkly peppermint scented leg lotion that wakes up those walkers.  Also with my nausea it helped calm my stomach in some serious close calls.

If you’re looking for relief or a nice gift for a lady who is expecting this is a great option.  At only $28 it is months full of pampering.

To learn more visit

Should I change the name now to BabyBesties?  😉


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