Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure(s) photos and review

Long time, no talk beauties.

These products were received from and I wanted to share with you that even though I’m pregnant I’m still using beauty products… it’s about the only thing that motivates me to leave the house!  Something about a nice manicure and healthy glow that makes you ready to face the world every day when you’re feeling uncomfortable.

Here are two of my new favorite Sally Hansen complete salon manicure polishes:

jaded PicsArt_1389815632523

Jaded is a soft minty jade green that applies on the sheer side.  I used 3 coats to achieve the manicure you see here.

Pat on the Black is actually a deep burgundy which I love.  It reminds me of Chanel “Vamp” one of the first polishes I fiend-ed for, ever.

My favorite part of these polishes is that they have a base and top coat built in. So when I’m exhausted but still want to paint my nails these are an instant go-to.

The brush allows for clean application and dry time is pretty gosh darn quick.

Give’m a try if you have not already!



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