NEW Zoya nail polish = ready for Spring!


For my most recent manicure I have combined two of the newest Zoya nail polishes for an accent nail manicure.

If you have been wanting to do nail art but lack the time or confidence, an accent nail is the way to go.  Plus it is subdued enough for the office not to fuss.

Here are Zoya Dot and Lux.  Dot is a soft, pale pink that reminds me of one of the very first Hard Candy polishes ever made that I purchased from Sephora many many moons ago when I was still in high school.  Lux is a pink and silver “pixie dust” polish which means it is a thick textured glitter.

The pixie dust/textured polishes are very pretty however they can be difficult to remove.

I have also noticed that they collect random yucky stuff (make up, sauces, whatever!) so wash your hands well people!!!

At the end of the day, they are pretty polishes.  I really liked this combination as a mini-celebration of the fact that we are expecting a girl.



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