LORAC Cosmetics POREfection foundation photos and review

PicsArt_1393358602641Product provided for 100% honest review

Being pregnant comes with many not so wonderful things like blotchy skin tone.  Thankfully, LORAC POREfection foundation came to my rescue.

I have a drawer full of foundations, BB/CC creams, and tinted moisturizers.  For some reason a few weeks into my pregnancy none of the light/fair skin toned products worked for me.  They were all too dark or too pink and made me look really weird.  When this showed up it literally looked like it was too good to be true.  But it really is that good.  I am able to use less than a dime size amount in my palm all over my face to even out my skin and get the glowing look that every woman longs for.  Since this showed up on my door step I have not used any other full face skin make-up products.  TRUTH.  You can really see the difference in my before/after photos above.  Being pregnant I feel crumby or tired but when I look good I pretty much instantly feel better, so thank goodness for this because it makes me feel better…

It has SPF 20 which is crucial for everyone, but especially makes me happy because I am prone to Melasma from pregnancy.  At $36 a bottle it is on the higher end of what I would normally spend for a beauty product, however, after knowing just how little I need to get the look I want this bottle is going to last me a LONG time.  I pray that this product doesn’t disappear into oblivion because I am literally swearing by it at this point in my life.  I love it.  Please stick around forever.

It comes in ten shades from porcelain to darker skin tones.  It is sold on LORAC’s website but you can also try it at Sephora in-store to find the right skin tone for you.

Learn more about this product on the LORAC website.



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