@Philip_Kingsley Exfoliating Scalp Mask review


Product provided for 100% honest review

Good morning beauties 🙂

Today I share with you my new Philip Kingsley exfoliating scalp mask.  For some reason when I envisioned receiving this product I figured I would be opening up some kind of jar and slathering mud all over my head.  Instead I got this dainty tube with a fine tip for applying the product in strips along my scalp.  I thought it was kind of a rip-off at first being as small as it was.  However after my first application I had a much different thought.

After just the first use of this product, my scaly flaky scalp somehow disappeared into thin air.  For four days.  It took my greasy third day blow-out to a non-greasy fresh looking straight mane.  By the second day of a blow out I’m typically scratching my head.  Not after this.

Today, I have used the product three times.  The amount of all annoying scalp problems has greatly decreased overall… nearing extinct.

In my mind I thought this would be a ridiculously overpriced product considering the quasi-miracle it produces.  However it is only $10 a tube.  Now that I could convince my husband to throw in the electronic shopping cart when I needed it.  What a relief.

To learn more about this and other Philip Kingsley products, please visit: http://www.philipkingsley.com/


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