Carol’s Daughter Sacred Tiare anti-breakage and anti-frizz hair serum review

Product provided for 100% honest review

Carol’s Daughter Sacred Tiare anti-breakage and anti-frizz hair serum.


At first I avoided testing this product.  Why?  Because “serum” reminds me of the stuff you smooth onto
your hair and then your hands get so slippery you can’t even hold onto your flat iron to style your hair.
Finally I opened the box and I got excited.  I saw there was a pump accessory that could be used, so I quickly
changed the caps out.  Then I realized it was just that, a pump.  So I got disappointed.  Again.
For the sake of beauty blogging, I pumped a dot into the palm of my hands, rubbed it together and smoothed it on my hair.
My stress started to lighten from the aroma of the product.  Very beachy and yummy.  Also realizing that my hands were
not slick or greasy from the product.  I was able to quickly towel off my hands and start styling.  There was less frizz and
somehow five minutes was shaved off from my regular style time.  Which was a great surprise being that I woke up an hour
earlier than usual since I had a presentation.  Looking and feeling smooth makes me genuinely feel less chaotic all around.
Overall I am in love with these Sacred Tiare products because they keep my hair silky smooth and it takes very little
product to get a great result.  I have to admit I am very curious to try some of their products for curly hair.  Well
I really want to try all of their products now.  Can we say addicted?

I found this product available online at Target for $15


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