my first after baby post – Nutrisystem review

This is my attempt at a comeback y’all.  The wee ones are growing like weeds and life is somewhat balanced out.  Between family,  school, and  work I have struggled a lot losing my baby weight.  After much complaining and self loathing I decided to order two months of Nutrisystem.

I got the custom plan, and the fast five kit.  It was scary jumping in and now a week and a half in I am part excited and part exhausted.  That first week on the fast five was brutal for me.  I could not stomach the energy drink and didn’t know what to replace it with.  Yes, I should have called a counselor but I didn’t.  Positive I didn’t eat enough and even though the guarantee is to lose five pounds I lost three so I can’t diss it too bad.  The rest of the food minus the shakes are pretty good.  If you are considering this beware of small portions.  What a reality check compared to what I used to eat.

I’ve lost another pound or so, and of course that keeps me motivated to stick with it.  The challenge is now working in grocery items without ruining the whole plan.  Yes,you can lose weight without working out but you will have much better luck if you move, even minimally.  Not to me mention thay you will feel better.

Many more weeks are ahead so I will try to post pics of the meals and progress.  Off we go!

This post is not endorsed the products were purchased by me.  All words and claims are 100% true.


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