#Nutrisystem #food #review (day 11)

I woke up VERY hungry, and from my choices for breakfast I opted for the bagel.  It has a touch of sweetness from the honey which is tasty.  I don’t have cream cheese so I topped it with I can’t believe it’s not butter light spread with a cup of black coffee.  Total is 200 calories.  


Three hours later it was snack time.  I had a powerfuel and vegetable.  You don’t realize how small a half cup is until you see it measured out.  Before I would have had 3-4 times as much!  Since we had fat free I measured slightly different portions.  It still managed to fill me up, at 110 calories between the cottage cheese and V8.


Lunch we were on the go.  Had to go to the mall.  This is hard, when the rest of the family is eating whatever they want.  I saw them munch on those delicious Wetzel’s pretzels.  I waited until I got back in the car and had my “lunch” and “dessert”.  Yes, I am eating it early.  But both only added up to 290 calories, and it was better than eating junk food.  The bar tastes exactly like another brand’s fudge graham protein bar that I have had before.  The pretzels were convenient and tasty.


Snack time again, pre-dinner.  More veggies (my way, with V8) and some almonds.  Not 100% sure these almonds are right for this but I like them and the calories/portion seems appropriate.  This will surely hold me over until dinner… Total of 150 calories.


Dinner is a microwave spaghetti meal.  Before Nutrisystem I probably had two gigantic plates full of pasta.  Now it is kiddie sized portion.  At 230 calories it barley feels like “dinner” but it tastes really good and is ready in only a minute!  


So this puts me right under 1000 (980) calories for the day.  Technically I can have another power fuel, veggie and a piece of fruit.  It is still early so I just might in a little bit.

My after dinner snack is a Greek yogurt and Granny Smith Apple (not pictured) overall I ate six times and finished right under 1200 calories. 


Stay tuned for more reviews and progress notes! 

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