My two week anniversary on @Nutrisystem

Today marks my two week anniversary on Nutrisystem. This time two weeks ago I weighed in 7 pounds heavier and one pant size bigger. After putting my body through what some might consider diet torture I have to say it was worth the money and struggling.

Yesterday and today I have been traveling for business seminars so food scared me. I arrived somewhat prepared with Nutrisystem bars and snacks. Fortunately my seminar yesterday catered to my needs. Fresh fruit as my mid morning snack and a small portion of salmon over a bed of mixed greens for lunch. I have to admit it was nice to eat fresh food but even better to know I made a healthier choice because I could have opted for the creamy pasta and gorge at the dessert bar at lunch and the gorgeous french pastries at breakfast plus cookies late afternoon. I did it, I feel accomplished and excited to feel my clothes get looser and the number on the scale go down.

Now to the Nutrisystem food.

This peanut butter granola bar is a breakfast bar.  It is tiny, but the taste was the worst part for me.  Textures were weird and dry to me and it left a funny aftertaste. Will not be ordering this one again.

The chewy chocolate chip granola bar is another breakfast bar.  Honestly I was scared to try it after yesterday’s bar, but this one was much better.  Very few chocolate chips, but not dry and absolutely tolerable.

On my commute home last night I had the nacho cheese chips which is the Nutrisystem version if a Dorito and there is also a version of cheese puffs.  Both are good, very crunchy and very tasty.  It is nice that even though my meal portions are small I still feel like I’m indulging in something kind of naughty so it feels so much less like a diet.  

Today’s snack is pizza puffs and they are pretty yummy.  A slight taste of tomato and Italian herbs make it “pizza-ish” not too sure why them call them spicy because for me they are not.

Today’s seminar had an hour lunch break but no food served.. So for convenience I brought this bar.  This much like the fudge graham bar is good and very similar to the Zone perfect bars.

I think they’re good and wish there breakfast bar was the same kind and size. 

Dinner time I had macaroni and cheese with some asparagus and V8.  The macaroni isn’t far off from the Kraft that you add the water to and microwave.

Overall not too bad.  The best part is I succeeded two full days out of my new routine but made it work. You can too! More to come over the next days and weeks as I am signed up for two months of auto delivery.

This is not a sponsored post.  Just sharing my personal experience and results!

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