@Nutrisystem update & more food reviews – day 17 #8lbslost 


When one thinks of diets or weight loss they don’t typically think about chocolate glazed donuts.  I can’t express enough that the type of food and the flacked definitely don’t feel like I’m deprived.  

It’s honestly weird eating donuts, pizza, pasta, chips and muffins but it works.  They really must be perfectly portioned for weight loss.  I’m on day 17 and I’ve lost 8 pounds so far.  If you can be regimental then it can work for you too!

Lunch I didn’t get a picture of but it was rice, kidney beans and chicken sausage.  Yummy!

Dinner is ravioli.  Literally two ravioli but each one is about the size of my palm.  The sauce had good chunks of mushrooms which made it more filling.  Overall lots of flavor.  



More will come as I continue my Nutrisystem routine! Stay tuned… 

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