My new @lancome facial routine 

I have to admit that even though I know how important skin care is, I am pretty lazy about it. In the mornings I wash my face with a light exfoliation and suds in the shower. After work it is a make up removal cloth. Then the good stuff… I splurged at Nordstrom after talking with the Lancome specialist. Ended up with the pictured toner, moisturizer and eye cream.

‘Biénfait Pure Focus’ Mattifying Moisturizing Lotion
‘Tonique Pure Focus’ Mattifying Toner
‘High Résolution Refill-3X™’ Triple Action Renewal Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream

Got to say, I noticed a difference right away. My pores started minimizing and my skin felt smoother. Plus the delicate skin around my eyes is no longer tight or dry.

The toner is refreshing. Just shake and apply with a cotton swab. The moisturizer is almost gel-like. The eye cream is satiny. Feels like I’m doing something good for my skin. Which is always a good way to feel at the end of the day. My combination skin is balancing out and my adult acne prone skin is under control with the exception of the occasional hormonal flare up.

Worth the splurge.

This is not a sponsored post, these items were purchased. All opinions are 100% true.


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