My @Nutrisystem update #4weeks #9lbslost #itworks

I am back with another Nutrisystem update.  At a little over 4 weeks in, I am down 9 pounds.  My clothes that wouldn’t get around me for almost a year since having my last baby are now fitting and flowy.  I have more energy and motivation to keep getting healthier.

My second month shipment of food just arrived.  Never thought I would be excited to see it, but now with these results I want to keep going.  The best part is the two times I have been faced with being at social events with lots of temptations I was able to control myself and stay on target.  That is the biggest win for me.

It has completely changed the way I think, eat, live, everything.  I feel like a new person. I  admit that I had some favorites that I stocked up on for this second month.

Breakfast I went with almost all muffins and bagels.  Lunch is white chicken chili, kung pao noodles and black beans with rice.  Made sure I got some bars too in case of traveling.  Dinner is pizzas, pastas, turkey with stuffing and sloppy joes.  Dessert was actually no dessert but I opted for all snacks like chips.  Crazy how I can eat all this and lose weight…

Stay tuned for more Nutrisystem updates from me as I continue through my second month.  This is not a sponsored post, products were purchased and all opinions are my own.


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